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Nelson Bay is the main town for Port Stephens and it would be hard to find anywhere better equipped for aquatic pursuits,€ plus a great array of accommodation and dining options.

Kinala Property wanted to tell the story of their boutique luxury development Ascent in Nelson Bay. After extensive research, they engaged VERGE 1:10 to create a visually dynamic marketing tool that would set them apart from the competition.

56 apartments modelled in 3D with exact views and dimensions, fully immersive model apartments in VR, rooftop garden, pool area, surroundings.

Pre-DA: 2 week marketing campaign in local shopping centre, 500 people through the immersive experience, 75 hard leads, 11 buyers paid a $500 deposit to reserve an apartment when DA came through. 6 converted after DA was approved.

During DA: 140 design flaws/improvements were identified by Verge working with the developer to walk through the 3D model of the development. Estimated net value of improvements reached over $350k.

Post-DA: 8 more apartments sold in one week, 7/8 purchasers said walking through the virtual experience gave them more insight into the development and confidence in what they were purchasing.

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